.Mark Hellweg Photographer



As a small child, I became inspired by the night sky and the secrets it conceals. At the age of eight, I’d already started my photography. It all started with binoculars and my father’s camera, and it developed over three decades, now incorporating my own fully-automated astronomical observatory, equipped with highly sensitive astronomical cameras. Practicing astrophotography is highly technical and intimately linked with science. Everything has to be planned in highest detail and carried out precisely. Some astrophotography requires up to 12 hours or more of exposure over multiple nights. I attempt to create my city and landscape images with similar precision. To freely choose extracts and moments in the world here without scientific requirements, being able to arrange and interpret them, is a particular appeal for me in this type of photography. For any open question don't hesitate to contact me.

All images are processed for backlit monitors. In some cases it can happen that images are shown darker with older monitors. Please adjust your monitor using the gray scale bar: